We have yet another story involving a Bay Area bridge, someone going through something, and a major traffic backup resulting from the situation.

This incident happened around 4:40 p.m. Tuesday near the Bay Bridge toll plaza. As KPIX reports, drivers in the eastbound lanes of the Bay Bridge saw the woman stop and exit her car on the bridge, brandishing a knife and yelling at other drivers. She then reportedly got back in her car, drove past the toll plaza and stopped again on the Oakland side of the plaza.

CHP Officer Andrew Barclay tells the East Bay Times that the woman then exited her car completely nude and armed with a gun. Video from the incident shows the woman walking along the shoulder of the road, shooting the gun into the air and toward other cars, until she apparently runs out of bullets.

Luckily, no one was injured.

Barclay says the woman then walked on toward the right shoulder of the I-880 transition ramp, which is where CHP officers found her. After demanding she drop her weapon, she reportedly did, and the woman was detained without incident.

An ambulance was called to the scene, and the woman was taken to a hospital for medical and physical evaluations, as the East Bay Times reports.

Traffic, meanwhile, was halted in both directions coming off and going toward the Bay Bridge for about 15 minutes, causing a backup that reached into San Francisco and well into Berkeley and beyond.

This was the second time in four days that an incident involving an individual in an apparent crisis has paralyzed traffic on a Bay Area bridge. A man who climbed down the bridge structure on the Richmond Bridge Friday afternoon, threatening to jump, halted all eastbound traffic on the bridge for 17 hours while a negotiation took place.

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