An RV driving recklessly Monday on I-580 on the Altamont Pass, in Livermore, caused damage to multiple vehicles as it tried to plow past and through some traffic.

The incident happened Monday evening on eastbound I-580, during what appears to be commuter traffic out of the Bay Area toward Tracy. Multiple witnesses reported the "older model" RV looking out of control as it sped along the shoulder and then swerved into traffic, smashing many vehicles and causing at least one to flip on its side.

This doesn't sound meth-y at all!

As KTVU reports, the CHP still has not confirmed whether there was any pursuit of the RV after it drove on, and there still has not been any report on injuries.

According to one witness whose video was used on KTVU, "It was bumper to bumper and he was just plowing through everyone and just kept on going down the road, smashing into cars."

Another witness writes on Twitter, "RV was speeding on the shoulder with a white SUV following them closely. Saw the RV way up ahead criss all lanes pummeling cars in the way. There were at least 15 cars pulled over that were hit."

The wake of destruction looked significant, and reportedly CHP Dublin is investigating. The agency has yet to post any update on social media as of 10:45 a.m. Tuesday, and we don't know if a suspect vehicle has been identified.

This is a developing story

Photo via Wikimedia

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