It’s back to snail mail and landines for the city of Hayward, who discovered “a cyber-security incident and intrusion into its computer networks” Sunday, and has yanked its website and all city portals offline.

The February ransomware attack on the city of Oakland resulted in the leak of tons of personal data of city employees, and the city’s systems weren't back up and running for a few months — and lawsuits from employees whose info was breached are still pending. Now it may be Hayward’s time in the barrel, and we’ll see for how long, as KTVU reports that the city of Hayward suffered a cyberattack, and has shut down its website and city portals as a precaution.

The city of Hayward website is not actually displaying the “temporarily unavailable” image seen above, it is shut down and you’ll just get a “can’t find server” message. And the above tweet directs to some sort of online newsletter thing called The Stack.

“The City of Hayward detected a cyber-security incident and intrusion into its computer networks early Sunday morning, and as a precaution has turned off access to its public website and associated online municipal portals,” the city says in a statement there. “City 9-1-1 emergency dispatching, police, firefighter and emergency-medical services remain operational.”

But you can’t use the computers at the Hayward Public Library! The city says the libraries are open, but computer access is shut off until this mess is resolved.

If you have any business with the city of Hayward, you’re stuck using the telephone, snail mail, or showing up in person at Hayward City Hall (777 B Street) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Their phone number is (510) 583-4000, but you might be looking at some lengthy hold times there.

The city claims that there is “no evidence of a breach of personal information of any employee or member of the public,” but adds that “If any data breach involving personal data is discovered, we will be in contact with the affected individual or individuals directly.”

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Image: @cityofhayward via Twitter