San Francisco police say a group of juveniles has been implicated in nearly a dozen robberies, often targeting women on the street, in Noe Valley and NoPa.

There was a town hall meeting hosted by the SFPD Thursday to discuss a string of violent attacks on women, sometimes mothers or caregivers with children, in Noe Valley and beyond. As the Chronicle reports, the same group is believed to be responsible for 11 such attacks which began on Monday.

School's out for summer, I guess!

Some of the robberies were conducted with the use of a stolen getaway car, described as a silver sedan. Police say they located and towed that vehicle, and one of the juveniles was arrested. The rest are still being sought, and police say they will be increasing patrols in Noe Valley.

"It’s encouraging that the department has made an arrest, and I’m hopeful they will apprehend the others soon," Supervisor Rafael Mandelman said, speaking to the Chronicle. "In the meantime, I’m grateful for the captain’s commitment to increased patrols in Noe."

Supervisor Catherine Stefani also told the Chronicle that she had heard about an attack on two women in her district, which spans the Marina and Pac Heights.

"I am incredibly alarmed by this and think it highlights the need for increased police presence in the area, especially given what is happening in Noe Valley," Stefani tells the Chronicle. "Ensuring the security and well-being of residents, particularly women, is top priority for me and I have asked SFPD to step up patrols in the area."

According to SFPD stats, assaults are down this year compared to the same six-month period last year, however robberies are up 12%. Burglaries and larceny thefts are both down somewhat compared to last year, with the latter category including car break-ins and pickpocketing.

Photo: Scott Rodgerson