America's next despicable Republican asshole, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, was in San Francisco this week trying to scare up some Republican dollars for his presidential run, and he took a few minutes to stand amongst some pigeons at Geary and Hyde to shoot a campaign video about what an irreparable shithole SF is.

It's getting almost — almost! — comical how everyone from Anderson Cooper to your mom wants to talk about how sad it is that the "once great" San Francisco is now beyond repair. And woe to the liberals who let it happen under their watch!

And of course DeSantis, since he was here, has to get in on the game. After the governor (allegedly) criminally shipped unknowing migrants, under false pretenses, on private planes to Sacramento two weeks ago and, last year, to Martha's Vineyard, just to score political points, he would like to school us about right and wrong by repeating some tired talking points about our "failed city."

The video, posted to Twitter, feels thrown together and somewhat off-the-cuff, with DeSantis stumbling a bit on his words as he says, "We came in here and we saw people defecating on the street, we saw people using heroin, we saw people smoking crack cocaine.” You sure that wasn't fentanyl?

He also says he saw "so many businesses boarded up and I’ve seen so much riff-raff just running around." Riff-raff! Well I never.

"They are doing it wrong here," DeSantis says. "No wonder why we've had so many people move from San Francisco to Florida over the last few years."

Miami can have all the transient tech bros!

If only we could rewind to show him the corner of Geary and Hyde during the boom years, or during some "once great" time when there was no poverty or mental illness and no one did drugs... but then, politics isn't about the long view, is it?

Per the Chronicle, "A spokesperson for Mayor London Breed could not be immediately reached for comment."

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