Darron Price, the Sunset District resident who was arrested in February after his home exploded due to what investigators say was a leaky butane tank that was part of an illegal drug manufacturing lab, is now facing a new murder charge and was re-arrested.

Price, 54, was recently re-arrested, as the Chronicle first reported via SF jail records, though the details of the reasons for the new murder charge have not been released.

Per the Chronicle, police said Price was re-arrested for "outstanding warrants."

Two days after the February 9 blast, which killed Price's disabled wife and badly injured a home healthcare worker, Price was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter, drug manufacturing, four counts of reckless burning, one count of elder abuse, and two counts of endangering children. The latter charges were related to the Prices' two children, neither of whom were at home when the explosion occurred.

Rita Price, his wife, reportedly suffered a stroke eight years earlier, and was home-bound and required in-home care.

Authorities believe that Price was illegally manufacturing hash oil for sale in the home's lower level, and the healthcare worker inadvertently caused the blast by turning on a dryer, which ignited lingering butane fumes.

A judge had previously allowed Price to remain free pending trial, though Price, an Australian national, was forced to surrender his passport.

During a hearing in February, per the Chronicle, Assistant District Attorney Robert Perkins suggested that Price should have been all too aware of the leaking butane in his home. "What happened last week is the culmination of extremely dangerous behavior," Perkins said, adding that there were multiple complaints from neighbors about odors coming from the house. "He didn’t listen to those complaints, he didn’t listen to his own daughter who told him she was becoming ill from the vapors."

Per the Chronicle, Darron Price was once again released pending an arraignment on June 26. The SF Standard reports that Price's attorney, Sierra Villaran, said in court Friday, "The way that the government has chosen to proceed is confusing and nonsensical," noting that Price had been arrested Thursday in Marin County without warning.

In May we learned that some neighbors are suing the owners of the home at 1734 22nd Avenue that Price is accused of blowing up, and that Price was renting the home. As KRON4 reported, the owners of the property were identified as Peter and Diane De Martini, and they reportedly live nearby.

Next-door neighbors David Garth and his wife Nang Phommavongsay are suing over the damage that was done to their home, and they claim that the De Martinis "were aware or should have been aware that [Price] had filled the basement of the home with large butane tanks used for these illegal purposes."

The explosion caused serious damage to multiple homes, and was said to have knocked two homes off their foundations.

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