• San Francisco's Public Defender can sue the city for allegedly not making enough courtrooms available for criminal cases to proceed during the COVID pandemic, a state appeals court says. During the pandemic, more than 400 criminal defendants were forced to wait more than 60 days — the usual legal deadline — to go to trial, some staying in jail over that time. [Chronicle]
  • A 49-year-old newlywed from San Jose tragically died while snorkeling on his Hawaii honeymoon early this month. And to pile on, while his wife was performing CPR to try to save his life, their rental car and all of their belongings inside were stolen. [KRON4]
  • The nine juveniles arrested last month in connection to several robberies in Oakland and the wider East Bay won’t face charges for any offenses at this time, due to insufficient evidence, according to the Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price. Price said the cases are still under investigation. [KTVU]
  • KNTV’s investigation into the ill-fated Millennium Tower in San Francisco’s FiDi found that it is now leaning more to the west than ever.
  • Four San Jose police officers are allegedly facing termination for a variety of offenses, from looking up the personal information of a woman one met based on her license plate to domestic violence. [KNTV]
  • A new lawsuit alleges that Safeway offered deceptive deals to more than a million Californians, overcharging for items that were a part of “Buy One, Get One Free Deals.” [Mercury News]

Feature image via Google Street View.