There was a simultaneous water main rupture and a gas leak Wednesday morning just above Duboce Park, near the intersection of Duboce Avenue and Castro Street.

The San Francisco Fire Department was on the scene just before 7 a.m. Wednesday after a report of a gas leak and a water main break that was sending water flowing down Duboce Avenue. The SFFD said that a 16-inch water main had ruptured, and this resulted in some street closures and Muni re-routes.

PG&E and city water crews were also on the scene.

As the Chronicle reports, there has been no explanation for the cause of the ruptures.

Video from the Citizen app showed the stream of water coming down one side of Duboce Avenue and pooling in the area of Duboce and Noe, near the Muni light-rail stop.

Major Gas Leak @CitizenApp

Deboce Ave & Castro St 6:26:43 AM PDT

It appears that this section of Duboce Avenue, as well as a section of Castro Street north of 15th Street, were closed to traffic until further notice.