It was characterized as a home-invasion robbery gone wrong, but the death of 28-year-old Adrianna Marie Navarro was a complicated case and a tragic one, involving a volatile relationship and a violent confrontation that followed a breakup.

The event that led to Navarro being fatally shot occurred on January 1, 2020. Navarro went to the home of an ex-boyfriend who has not been named publicly, not long after the pair had ended a relationship. It's not clear the full scope of Navarro's intentions, but she arrived at the ex's Dublin home armed with a gun, and she and friend Rickey Tyrone White Jr., 28, forced their way in — the ex-boyfriend said he cracked the door when they arrived, seeing only Navarro through a peephole.

The ex-boyfriend was armed, and as a confrontation ensued, he fired on the pair, fatally wounding Navarro, and hitting White, though White's injuries were non-lethal.

As the East Bay Times reports, White, who was from Vallejo, has now been sentenced to 14 years for voluntary manslaughter, after pleading no contest.

White had initially faced a murder charge, because under California law, an accomplice in a robbery can be charged if their accomplice gets killed in self-defense by a victim.

Alameda County Assistant Public Defender Kathleen Ryals had argued that White was trying to help Navarro as she exited a "volatile relationship," and after being shot himself he stayed to try to help the mortally wounded Navarro.

In a statement, Ryals said, "This case is a tragedy any way you look at it... From 2020 until now, [White] has wanted to take full responsibility for his part in this tragic case. Mr. White accepted the 14-year prison term with the hope that it would bring some element of closure to all involved and as a reflection of his deep remorse."

This was the first homicide to occur in Dublin in 11 years when it occurred. There has since been a shocking double-murder, in which an Alameda County sheriff's deputy is the sole suspect.

White has already served three years of his sentence in Santa Rita Jail, and he's now awaiting transfer to the state prison system.