The woman whose storage unit police discovered a massive stockpile of illegal weapons and ammunition in back in 2021 has been found guilty of felony possession of ammunition by a prohibited person. The 45-year-old SF resident, named Thor Kill, was sentenced to a two-year prison term, as the Chronicle reported.

According to District Attorney Brooke Jenkins' Office, Kill had accumulated an alarming arsenal in her home and in a SOMA storage unit that included a staggering thousands of rounds of live ammunition, 87 firearm magazines, 125 pounds of explosive powder, and various equipment used for ammunition manufacturing.

Court records also show that police also found bomb-making materials, body armor, and armbands with Nazi symbols, the Standard reported.

Kill had a previous misdemeanor assault conviction that rendered her ineligible to possess ammunition. As part of this recent conviction, Kill is now permanently barred from possessing firearms and ammunition

The Standard additionally reported that Kill's social media posts had raised concerns for law enforcement agents before they raided her home and ultimately arrested her in 2021. Her posts reportedly supported Nazis and mass shootings — full of antisemitic ramblings and conspiratorial reposts.

After her arrest, she reportedly served some jail time and has since been released and placed on probation.

Image via Unsplash/Jay Rembert.