Thanks to a ridge of high pressure, we're going to be seeing a warming trend around the Bay over the next few days, ushering in the first truly warm weekend of the year — though temperatures are going to remain pretty mild closer to the ocean and the Bay.

The warmup begins today, Thursday, and as the Chronicle reports, by Friday, Santa Rosa and San Jose should see high temps crack the 80-degree mark. San Francisco and most spots closer to the Bay will see things tempered by the marine layer, though hopefully that will burn off by Saturday afternoon and give everyone a solid, sunny park day.

High temperatures in SF are likely to stay in the mid-60s through Saturday, though certain microclimates like the Mission might feel warmer.

Inland in Livermore, Santa Rosa, Concord, Sacramento, and other areas are likely to see the first 90-degree day of the year come Saturday, without the ocean breeze to cool them off.

Except for a few warm-ish days so far this year, San Francisco hasn't seen a real hot day since October, and this high-pressure system doesn't look like it will change that. Still, a 70-degree day, or close to it, is good enough.

The 10-day forecast on Weather Underground has us seeing a pretty warm week ahead, with highs every day in the high 60s.

Photo: Ronan Furuta