• Oakland A’s announcer Glen Kuiper issued a public apology after reportedly saying the “n-word” during a live broadcast on Friday night. The 18-year veteran announcer was in Kansas City calling a game between the A's and KC Royals, when he apparently tried to refer to the “Negro Leagues Baseball Museum” there, and it “didn’t come out quite the way [he] wanted it to," Kuiper said. [KTVU]
  • And the A’s said the team is “working to address the situation.” [Twitter]
  • Around 4 p.m. Friday, a 30-year-old man was shot outside the Van Ness Muni Station near Civic Center, police said. He reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries and is currently in the hospital, but no suspects have been arrested yet. [Chronicle]
  • This year’s Silicon Valley Comic Con — known as “SiliCon” — has been canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances,” according to its website. The annual conference was supposed to be on October 14th and 15th at the Santa Clara Convention Center, and attendees will receive refunds, as it looks like the future of the event is up in the air. [KRON4]
  • Several sideshows rocked Oakland during the early hours of Saturday morning, including one where spectators shot fireworks at each other and a car burst into flames. And sideshow-responding police apparently still haven’t figured out how to deal with them — they reportedly used flash bangs to scatter the crowd. [KTVU]
  • On day three of alleged serial assaulter Bill Gene Hobbs’ trial, a total of eight women have taken the stand to testify to the random encounters on the street they’d had with Hobbs in which he had grabbed, touched, and seemed to verbally harrass them. 34-year-old Bay Area resident Hobbs faces 12 misdemeanor counts of sexual battery, battery, and assault, as well as one felony count of false imprisonment. [Chronicle]
  • In other trial news, if the Los Gatos party mom decides to take a guilty plea, she's looking at an offer of seventeen years and four months in jail from the judge presiding, not the eight years she asked for. [Mercury News]
  • It’s King Charles’ Coronation Day, and this San Francisco woman who’s collected “hundreds” of pieces of royal memorabilia over decades is apparently now trying to sell them to raise money for charity, maybe “food banks and AIDS organizations,” she told ABC7.
  • California's largest reservoir, Lake Shasta, is just three feet away from officially full, amid this week’s rains. [KPIX]

Image via Unsplash/Matt Dodd.