• This unusual May rain is expected to continue until through Wednesday, and possibly until Thursday. San Francisco did not get as much rain Tuesday as did Oakland and San Jose, and Wednesday may bring thunderstorms to coastal areas. [Bay Area News Group]
  • The California reparations task force has concluded that Black Californians have been shortchanged $1.2 million over their lifetimes, but that number does not represent a potential payment. Right-wing media will surely go berserk at the notion that people will be paid a million dollars each, but that number is just an estimate of economic loss and not a potential payout. [Chronicle]  
  • A Castro Valley couple has set the U.S. record by giving birth to their fourth set of twins. The Chronicle notes this is a U.S. record, but not a world record, as a South African woman gave birth to six sets of twins in the late 1960s and early 1970s. [Jewish News of Northern California]
  • The accused killer of tech executive Bob Lee, Nima Momeni, had his arraignment delayed yet again, this time to May 18. [Mission Local]
  • As homelessness rises in Oakland, Mayor Sheng Thao proposes splitting the city “homelessness czar” job into two positions; one to focus on homelessness  services, and the other to focus on affordable housing. [Chronicle]
  • An unidentified Pleasanton man was stabbed and killed in attempted robbery, and police are seeking information on two suspects seen in ski masks. [KTVU]
  • Some local startup called Navier wants to start running water taxis across the Bay using high-tech boats. [Chronicle]

Image: Joe Kukura, SFist