Another goat mob escaped their confines and ran wild through the streets near Francisco Park Tuesday afternoon, though they were eventually corralled using SFPD and a tasty bale of hay.

Six weeks after a pack of goats running wild in San Francisco was spotted in SoMa, we’re not kidding when we say another herd of goats got loose near Fisherman’s Wharf Thursday, according to the Chronicle. The Chron quotes a Nextdoor post saying “The goats working the hillside at Francisco Park escaped at Noon down Filbert across the Bay St freeway’ towards Fisherman’s Wharf causing quite a commotion!” The Chronicle also provides video of the billygoat bacchanal seen below.

At the beginning point of this video, the successful re-corralling of the goats is already underway. Per the Chronicle, “The herd captured in the video were following a man with a bale of hay on his back, and was joined by San Francisco police officers in the apparent mission to corral them.”

SF Rec and Parks spokesperson Tamara Aperton confirmed to the Chronicle that “They absolutely escaped." The goats had been on duty with City Grazing, who use the hungry goats’ capacity for munching to clear out brush areas, and the goats were busy clearing weeds at Francisco Park where they'd previously grazed without incident.

According to some follow-up reporting from SFGate, the goats ran loose for about 30 minutes before being contained, through the efforts of SFPD, the City Grazing site supervisor, and a delicious-looking bale of hay that the goats dutifully followed back to safety.

The goats got out because someone having a mental health crisis reportedly cut their gates.

"Park employees apparently witnessed him trying to get into the pen in a few different areas and asked him to leave. Then he went to the top and did manage to cut in,” City Grazing executive director Genevieve Church told SFGate.

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Image: Caysee Klippsten via Nextdoor