Jennifer Garner's new show premiered Friday on Apple TV+, and it's based on the 2021 mystery-thriller novel by Laura Dave, The Last Thing He Told Me, and set in Sausalito, San Francisco, and Texas.

The seven-episode miniseries follows Hannah, played by Garner, who lives on a deluxe houseboat in Sausalito with her husband Owen (played by Game of Thrones hunk Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and stepdaughter Bailey (Angourie Rice).

Episode One sets us up with Owen's sudden, unexplained disappearance, as the company he works for is suddenly under investigation by the FBI for something — fraud? embezzlement? Ponzi scheme? But before this happens, Garner's character is obsessing with recreating a meal from Poggio — the stalwart Sausalito Italian spot — that her stepdaughter liked, and heads to the Ferry Building to buy Acme bread for the occasion, name-checking that as well.

The writers get points for accuracy (or maybe that was in the book?), even if you can do better for fresh bread these days.

Garner was spotted in San Francisco shooting the mini-series last summer, and the tabloids all noted that she was in Austin, Texas shooting which was her excuse for missing ex-husband Ben Affleck's wedding with Jennifer Lopez.

The second episode doesn't drop until this Friday, but has a review that doesn't bode well for the rest. "How this [story] unfolds and how the pair get closer to the truth about Owen doesn’t unfold in a way that’s either believable or captivating, falling into a strange valley in between reality and what this show should be," writes Brian Tallerico. "It becomes depressing to watch talented performers wasted on such dry, dull material, another limited series that wants to be 'Big Little Lies' but ends up being so incredibly small."

If nothing else, there are some pretty shots of the Bay!