We have another incident in the annals of roving farm animals in Bay Area cities, this time in Oakland, and nowhere near any farms.

A brown horse — or pony? — was spotted near the Denny's by the Oakland Coliseum Tuesday evening. The sighting was around 8:15 p.m., according to a video posted to the Citizen app. This was on the 600 block of Hegenberger Road.

The horse was just casually walking in a parking area, and it started to look a little spooked when a person tried to approach it, and it ran.

Loose Pony by Coliseum Denny's @CitizenApp

601 Hegenberger Rd Yesterday 8:14:09 PM PDT

As KTVU reporter Dave Detling reports, a "Responding officer said he believes he knows who the animal belongs to."

Does that mean this isn't the first time this has happened? Where are there horse stables near the Coliseum?

Anyway, this remains a bit more random than the loose cow that went running around Pleasanton in February and damaged a Tesla. Pleasanton, at least, is farm-adjacent.