A bar/nightclub in SoMa has used an AI chatbot to design a new cocktail, and they are using this to market themselves on local television. Maybe San Francisco is doomed.

Raven Bar (1151 Folsom Street), the bar/nightclub that used to be known as Club Eight, has a new "signature cocktail" on their drinks menu called CraftGPT — which was apparently created by asking ChatGPT to make up a craft cocktail recipe.

Bartender Adam was on KPIX's morning program this a.m., and morning anchor Amanda Starrantino seems amused/confused.

The CraftGPT is a mezcal cocktail, and Adam says the team thought this "would be a really cool way to keep up with the times," and since mezcal is "extremely popular right now," they thought they'd let the bot come up with a "smoky mezcal cocktail with a little bit of spice and sweetness."

To be clear, the recipe is not exactly mixology brilliance — and Adam says that the team "brought [it] to life" after some trial and error, but the bot got them "90% there" on its first try.

The recipe contains Guajillo mezcal, lemon, mango, honey, blood orange bitters, firewater bitters, and mint.

You can watch it being made below, and maybe because it was like 6 a.m., Starrantino decided not to take a sip — she just smelled it.

Photo via Raven Bar