• On Friday evening, a federal judge in Texas issued a ruling to halt the FDA's authorization of mifepristone, which has long been used along with another drug to induce abortion and treat miscarriages. The decision would effectively restrict the sale of the pills across the U.S., but it could still be appealed in the next week before it goes into effect. [CNN]
  • A recent internal survey in the Oakland Police Department found that nearly half — 45% — of female officers within the department reported experiencing harassment or discrimination. Almost one-third of those officers stated that it occurred frequently or very frequently. [East Bay Times]
  • The San Jose Police Officers' Association has fired its civilian executive director, Joanne Segovia, a 64-year-old resident of San Jose, after conducting an internal inquiry into last month’s allegations of federal drug charges against her. She’s accused by the U.S. Attorney's Office of using POA resources to try to unlawfully import a type of fentanyl. [KTVU]
  • Both recreational and commercial salmon fishing in California is slated to be banned this year due to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's estimates of low stock. In response, the fishing community is urging the government to promptly provide federal assistance to those affected. [Chronicle]
  • The Giants sadly lost their home opener to Kansas City Friday afternoon, 3-1. [Deadline]
  • Tomorrow morning is the rare “California Henge,” when the sunrise will align perfectly with California Street and the Bay Bridge. [SFGate]

Image via Getty Images/Spondylolithesis.