There was an update Thursday afternoon from Peaches Christ, who posted to Facebook from London that an initial post-mortem examination of Heklina found no sign of assault or foul play. Peaches (a.k.a. Joshua Grannell) is preparing to return to San Francisco on Friday.

We learned Tuesday, via Grannell, that the circumstances of Heklina's death were fairly shocking and strange. Grannell returned to the apartment that he and Heklina (a.k.a. Stefan Grygelko) were sharing in London on their tour there on Monday morning to find Heklina collapsed on the floor. We still do not know the exact cause of death.

An investigation by London police ruled the death "unexpected," and foul play was not suspected. Grannell said Thursday that the post-mortem declaration was necessary to get access to the apartment again.

"I’m relieved for a number of reasons," Grannell said. "This determination meant our apartment is no longer considered a crime scene and I’m now waiting for an officer to collect me and escort me there so that I can collect our stuff."

He added, "I am slightly afraid to return but intend to walk through my fear."

Grannell has plans to return to SF tomorrow, and no memorial or celebration of Heklina's life has yet been planned.

Heklina's passing has inspired an outpouring of grief and remembrances on social media that are still ongoing. In addition to being a hilarious performer in her own right, the San Francisco queer community will remember her for celebrating the edgy, performance-art nature of some drag performers, and largely making the San Francisco drag scene of the 90s and early 2000s what it was.

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Photo by Jay Barmann/SFist