The 100-acre Oakland Zoo has taken a battering this winter, beginning with a swollen creek that took out a chunk of its entry road in January, forcing a weekslong closure. Tuesday's storm brought down multiple trees, including one big eucalyptus that crashed into the zoo's newest aviary — and that meant some escaped birds.

"Fortunately, no animals were injured," the zoo said on Twitter. "While most were quickly transported to our vet hospital, 6 birds flew through the torn opening and out into the Zoo."

Among those escapees is a rare, endangered African hooded vulture.

The zoo says "None of these birds pose a threat to the public, other Zoo animals, or our native wildlife."

And, they said, remarkably, none of the six birds has left the zoo grounds— at least as of Wednesday afternoon. Work is underway to catch the birds, and the zoo says, "We’re confident we’ll be able to recover all 6 soon."

An African hooded vulture. Photo: Charles J. Sharp/Wikimedia

As KPIX reports, the new aviary that suffered the damage was just built in 2021. It is enclosed in mesh netting and usually houses around 20 birds.

The Oakland Zoo remains closed as further cleanup of fallen trees takes place, and as repairs are made to the aviary. And, they added, while those repairs are happening, "parts of the African Savanna may be closed to the public."

"We are proud of our animal care team for their tireless dedication to the safety and care of these birds," the zoo said.

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Top image: Courtesy of Oakland Zoo