A trash pile of a person got into a multi-car crash early Thursday on I-580 in Oakland, and when police arrived, they found the person had abandoned their car with an injured, bleeding dog inside.

The crash occurred around 5 a.m. Thursday near the Grand Avenue exit on eastbound I-580. As KTVU reports, via the California Highway Patrol, officers found the car in question appearing "burned out" inside and severely damaged, and inside was a small white dog that was bleeding.

A veterinary crew was called in to retrieve the animal.

The circumstances of the crash remain under investigation, and the report makes no mention of other vehicles involved, despite calling it a "multi-car" crash.

The eastbound lanes of 580 were obstructed and partially closed for several hours as crews cleaned up after the crash, including the cleanup of oil spilled on the roadway.

The driver of the burned-out vehicle, who likely did not want to face arrest for this or some other crime, remains at large. The condition of the dog has not been shared.