There's now an official In-N-Out food truck, and while it's likely to mostly stick around Southern California and only caters kids' events, it's sure to be in high demand.

It's called the Esther Snyder Cookout Truck, and it's named in honor of the In-N-Out co-founder and grandmother of current In-N-Out President/Owner, noted evangelical Trump fan and donor to Republican causes, Lynsi Snyder.

Esther Snyder helped build the In-N-Out brand alongside her husband Harry, opening the first In-N-Out in 1948 in Baldwin Park. Lynsi says that her grandmother had a "love for helping children," and in her honor, a portion of the proceeds from the food truck will go toward the In-N-Out Burger Foundation and its "efforts in providing hope for those who have experienced abuse and neglect."

The truck is available for hire by anyone, but the company is saying it will only be booked for qualifying events for children — and it is currently only serving Los Angeles and Orange counties, as well as limited parts of Ventura, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties.

"In memory of my precious Grams, we welcome our newest addition, the Esther Snyder Cookout Truck that serves In-N-Out's ONLY mini Double-Doubles, mini burgers, and yes mini fries!" Lynsi posted on Instagram.

The truck is an actual semi trailer, not your standard food truck, so event hosts are required to provide an 85-foot-long parking spot for it.

This is the first new news we've had about In-N-Out since the dark days of the pandemic when the restaurant decided to take a Trump-y stand against local vaccine mandates for indoor dining. That led to the only San Francisco location at Fisherman's Wharf temporarily shutting down in the fall in of 2021, courtesy of the health department. That was followed by a kerfuffle in Pleasant Hill over the restaurant not enforcing the mandate there.

Notably, likely Republican candidate for President Ron DeSantis decided to come out in praise of In-N-Out amidst that whole news cycle, because Florida was wide open at the time and he was very anti-mandate. DeSantis was courting In-N-Out to open some locations in Florida in late 2021, but thus far that hasn't happened — the company did, earlier this year, announce an expansion to Tennessee.

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