What was a suspected hostage incident Sunday night in Brentwood has left both the alleged hostage-taker and the victim hospitalized, after a confrontation led to gunfire exchange with the police.

A suspected hostage situation turned violent Sunday night in the Contra Costa County community of Brentwood, when, at about 9 p.m. at an apartment complex on Brentwood Boulevard, KTVU reports that two people were shot in a shootout with Brentwood police. The Chronicle reports that one of the victims was “being held against her will” by an armed suspect, and it appears that the suspect and the alleged hostage victim are the ones who were shot.

“An adult female victim was being held against her will by a known male suspect armed with a handgun,” Brentwood police said in an announcement. “Several officers responded to the apartment complex and heard gunshots. As officers approached the suspect and victim situated in a breezeway between several apartments, the suspect fired multiple shots in the direction of the officers. Fearing for their lives and the safety of the victim, at least one officer returned fire striking the suspect, a 30 year old from Long Beach.”

That 30-year-old suspect’s name has not been released, nor that of the victim.

Per KTVU, police say “they are still trying to determine if the woman was injured by a flying bullet or shrapnel.” They add that "errant rounds" from the suspect’s gunfire hit several cars in the apartment complex’s parking lot, as well as police cruisers on the scene,

KTVU also adds that since this was a police shooting, “Contra Costa County District Attorney investigators are conducting a parallel investigation per county protocol.” The suspect is expected to be booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on attempted murder on a peace officer charge, as well as other felonies, once he is medically cleared for release from the hospital. Per Brentwood PD, anyone with information “is asked to contact Detective Agostinho at 925-809-7870.”

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Image: Max Fleischmann via Unsplash