We now have more information on a bizarre fatal stabbing near Lake Merritt this past weekend, and the victim was Curtis Marsh, a 53-year-old member of the Oakland Gay Men's Chorus and occasional drag performer.

We noted in a link roundup this week a KPIX report that an Oakland resident was found fatally stabbed in his Adams Point apartment near Lake Merritt on Saturday morning, and that someone had tried to set the body on fire, but sprinklers extinguished any fire. There was not much more information to go on at the time.

But we now know more about this tragedy as KTVU reports that the victim was 53-year-old Curtis Marsh, a hairstylist and standout member of the Oakland Gay Men's Chorus who had lived in that apartment for 15 years.

KTVU speaks with severeal of Marsh’s friends and neighbors in the segment above. "I heard screams, help, help. I got up," one anonymous neighbor told KTVU. "My neighbor on the 4th floor was screaming and hollering that Curtis was dead. I was able to view his body. He was laying on his balcony bloodied."

"This is scary for the tenants,” that neighbor added. “I fear for my life."

KPIX adds that “The slaying occurred just before 8 a.m. in the 200 block of Vernon Street near Whole Foods Market in the Adams Point neighborhood,” and that Marsh was found dead at the scene.

Oakland police say that thus far, no one has been arrested and they have not identified a motive.

But this is obviously a crushing loss for the Oakland Gay Men's Chorus. "He was very sweet, very funny," chorus member Steven Smith told KTVU. "He was an accomplished musician. Beautiful, beautiful voice."

Marsh also sometimes performed under the drag persona Touri Monroe — and in a Facebook posted referred to Touri as "Miss Gay Oakland Emeritus."

According to KTVU, there will be a vigil for Marsh in front of his Vernon Street apartment building on Saturday morning. That station adds that “His family plans to ship his remains back to his hometown in Burlington, Iowa.“

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Image: Curtis Ithoughtyaknew Marsh via Facebook