The team behind Burma Superstar and Burma Love is expanding once more, this time in Hayes Valley, in the Grove and Gough corner space formerly occupied by Anka, and before that Barcino, Boxing Room, and Citizen Cake.

SFist first reported on the Burma Food Group's expansion plan at 399 Grove Street back in August, and signs have now gone up on the windows showing that they are actively hiring for the new restaurant, to be named Teakwood.

As Eater reports, via a restaurant group spokesperson, Teakwood won't be solely focused on the cuisine of Burma like the group's other restaurants. The menu promises to "highlight the flavor influences of neighboring countries such as Thailand, China, and India," but the famous Burma Superstar tea leaf salad will still be making an appearance.

Teakwood plans to be open for lunch and dinner, and like the Burma Love locations in the Mission and Mint Plaza, it will feature a full bar with "fresh, tart, and spiced" cocktails, per a press release. They specifically say that smoky flavors will be highlighted in the drinks, to complement the food — which is in keeping with the Burma Love drink menus, which are heavy on the mezcal, scotch, and Japanese whiskey.

The opening of Teakwood is vaguely "spring," but we'll update you if we learn more.

Burma Superstar first debuted in San Francisco's Richmond District in 1992, introducing the city to the then-less-known food of Myanmar. They later expanded with Burma Superstar locations in Alameda and Oakland, and Burma Love then came along a decade ago on Valencia Street, and the Mint Plaza location opened in 2019.

Back in 2016, the restaurant group was hit with wage-theft allegations — which have been leveed at a number of Bay Area restaurants in recent years that employ recent immigrants to this country — and those were resolved with a $1.3 million class-action settlement in 2020.

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Photo via Google Street View