If you thought it felt extra-frigid when you got up this morning, you'd be right. Gusty northwest winds are bringing some fresh arctic chill our way, but it will be short-lived.

"Weather models are signaling a cold front for Tuesday and Wednesday that will stretch from Vancouver to San Diego, streaming cold, arctic air across most of California," writes the Chronicle's Gerry Diaz.

That cold front brought near freezing temps to some spots along the coast this morning, and it will be damn cold again after the sun goes down Tuesday evening as well, into Wednesday.

Weather Underground gives us a 32% chance of a shower in the city this afternoon around 1 p.m. Forecast lows in San Francisco tonight will likely hit the upper 30s in some spots, including Glen Park, Bernal Heights, and the Castro.

This is going to be a night where sleeping outdoors will be dangerous for the unsheltered homeless, and all are encouraged to seek shelter.

On the Peninsula and along the coast, some places will see freezing temps, Diaz says, warning people to bring pets inside and cover sensitive plants.

But, by Wednesday afternoon, we should be back to more usual mid- to upper 50s with the sun shining, and none of that frigid wind.

The weekend will warm up a bit after some clouds on Friday, with Saturday seeing highs in the low 60s in the city. And the next chance for rain comes in the middle of next week, with Weather Underground predicting a 56% chance of rain next Thursday — though that could be too far out to be accurate.

Photo: gillyarcht/Twitter