• Authorities said that the leaking hazardous gas that shut down several south San Francisco BART stations this morning was linked to the fiery explosion in the Sunset that killed one person and burnt a house down. Apparently, a canister from the house — thought to be butane or propane — one of a number of mysterious cylinders recovered from the rubble yesterday, was being transported by police when it started hissing and had to be treated as potentially hazardous. [Chronicle]
  • Zhao Chunli, the suspect in the shooting that occurred in Half Moon Bay, California last month, began sobbing in court Friday during a morning hearing in San Mateo county. The judge presiding over the hearing is reportedly considering a gag order and other media restrictions, as the proceedings in which Chunli faces seven charges of murder and one of attempted murder continue. [KPIX]
  • A study of enrollment data among school-age children found that nearly 152,000 school-age children in California are simply missing from the education system after the COVID-19 pandemic. While it’s unclear where the students are, one of the study authors, Thomas Dee, a professor of education at Stanford, put forward several explanations: some enrolled in unregistered homeschools, some skipped kindergarten, and a significant number simply stopped attending. [AP News]
  • Cal Poly Humboldt State University is exploring the idea of housing students on board a multi-story residential barge in Humboldt Bay as a solution to address the ongoing housing crisis in the region. While the plan is still early stages, city staff have apparently identified two potential dock locations — although students have already begun protesting. [Lost Coast Outpost]
  • It’s official: Californian residents who received the “middle class tax refund” payout in 2022 will not owe federal income tax on the payment, the IRS announced today. So, you know, you can get started on your taxes. [Chronicle]

Image via San Francisco Fire Department.