One of the many who participated in the infamous November 2021 Union Square smash-and-grab spree has reportedly received a three-year prison sentence, larger than the other sentences by magnitudes, but that’s likely because the suspect busted off his ankle monitor and committed more burglaries.

You’ll surely recall the infamous pre-Thanksgiving Union Square smash-and-grab robberies of November 2021, which reportedly involved more than a dozen perps and made national headlines, and SFPD managed to arrest ten of them. Four have already been convicted and sentenced, receiving probation and relatively brief jail sentences, as they got credit for time served.

But apparently this week, two more were convicted and sentenced. And one of them, 24-year-old Tomiko Miller of Oakland, has been sentenced to three years in a state prison, according to a release from the Stop Crime SF, which monitors SF Superior Court data. The sentencing hearing was reportedly on Monday, February 6.

Another suspect, 35-year-old Ivan Speed of Oakland was reportedly also convicted, but the court has not released sentencing information.

Miller has a vastly longer sentence than any of the other Union Square suspects, and it’s pretty clear why. Not four months after he pleaded not guilty to the Union Square incident, Miller was promptly arrested again on auto burglary and firearm charges, and still had plenty of auto theft charges from 2016. After the second arrest, KTVU reported that follwing the Union Square incident, “Miller was released by a judge on GPS monitoring despite [then-DA Chesa Boudin’s] request that he be held while the case was pending. The D.A.'s office said Miller allegedly cut off his ankle monitor before his arrest on auto burglary charges.”

Moreover, Miller did not appear for a scheduled court appearance on those charges.

This does not not end the whole Union Square smash-and-grab saga. Four remaining suspects have still not yet gone to trial.

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Image: @BrockKeeling via Twitter