On Friday morning, the sheriff of Tulare County announced that two suspects had been arrested, one amid a gunfight, in connection with the January 16 massacre in Goshen in which a family of six were murdered.

Occurring in the early morning hours of Martin Luther King Day, January 16, the Central Valley shooting that killed four adults, a teen mother, and her infant son was seen in the context of a week in which 18 other people were murdered in two mass shootings, in Monterey Park and in Half Moon Bay.

But this shooting, Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux says, was a "cartel-style execution," undertaken in the dead of night in the rural community of Goshen in the San Joaquin Valley.

"The deaths in this case really is heartbreaking," Boudreaux said, per CBS News.

Two suspects, who had been under surveillance for the last week, were taken into custody early this morning in a multi-agency operation that was codenamed "Operation Nightmare." They are 25-year-old Noah David Beard of Visalia and 35-year-old Angel Uriarte of Goshen. Uriarte reportedly engaged in a gun battle with ATF agents and was wounded, and he is now hospitalized.

In a press conference Friday, Boudreaux said that a motive for the killings is still not clear, however the two suspects and members of the victims' families both "have a long history of gang violence," and are "heavily active in gang violence, gun violence, and narcotics dealings." The suspects and a couple of the victims are believed to be part of rival gangs. ABC 7 reports that investigators believe two members of the family of the victims were Sureño gang members.

The week that elapsed between identifying the suspects and the arrest, Boudreaux said, was so that DNA could be collected to make certain they had they right suspects, and so the Tulare County District Attorney would have no doubts.

As television station KSEE reports from the press conference, three search warrants were executed, one on the 1000 block of Noyes Street (likely Beard's address), and two others on Avenue 308 in Goshen.

A 911 call was played from a surviving victim who said, "They shot my boyfriend" and "come quick, they're coming back."

Also on Friday, the sheriff's office released surveillance video from the home in Goshen where the murders took place, showing the suspects arriving, and then showing the teenage victim, 16-year-old Alissa Parraz, trying to escape with her baby. The video shows her lifting the infant over a fence to get him on the ground on the other side, and then trying to scale a fence herself — and then shows a suspect, who investigators identify as Beard, following after and drawing his weapon.

Parraz and her 10-month-old child, Nycholas Parraz, were both found dead in the street with gunshot wounds to the back of their heads. Reportedly, Ms. Parraz had only gotten custody of her son, who had been in foster care, two days before the shooting.

The other victims in the massacre were 72-year-old Rosa Parraz, 72; 52-year-old Eladio Parraz Jr., 52; 49-year-old Jennifer Analla, 49; and 19-year-old Marcos Parraz.

Photo via Tulare County Sheriff