An Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) train traveling through Niles Canyon outside of Fremont on Tuesday was hit by a 100-foot landslide, sending trees and debris onto the train tracks and hitting the side of the train.

The landslide happened sometime just before 8:45 a.m. Wednesday, and as KRON4 reports, responders from Alameda County Fire, Fremont Fire, and Cal Fire were dispatched to what they thought was a train derailment. The ACE train bound for San Jose became stuck in place by the landslide, and as NBC Bay Area reports, 222 passengers had to be evacuated and taken back to the station in Pleasanton on a rescue train.

No injuries were reported, and the train did not actually derail.

KTVU has some images of what the debris looked like inside the train.

Map via ACE

"At about 8:44 a.m., the ACE train made contact with some mud going westbound towards [Fremont] in Niles Canyon, stopping the train," said Alameda County Fire Captain Brian Centoni. "We had about 226 passengers aboard the train, including four ACE employees. We currently have Alameda County Fire, CAL FIRE, Fremont Fire on scene mitigating the situation."

Aerial footage from NBC Bay Area showed debris pushed up against one side of the train.

The ACE system links Stockton and San Jose via a route that goes through Fremont and Niles Canyon, and through Pleasanton, Livermore, and Tracy.

In March 2016, an ACE train derailed in this same area of Niles Canyon after encountering mud and debris on the tracks, sending a train car into Niles Creek.

Trains on the ACE system are halted until the tracks can be cleared.

Niles Canyon, in unincorporated Alameda County, has been hit with multiple landslides and disruptions from the past two weeks of stormy weather, including an evacuation and road closures just after the new year.

Top image via Wikimedia