Three-year-old Andrea Flores went missing from Millbrae on January 1, but was just found in Mexico, and authorities believe her father Victor Flores-Enriquez abducted her and absconded to south of the border.

The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office sent out a startling alert on News Year’s Day: Three-year-old Andrea Flores had last been seen with her father that day at 581 Magnolia Avenue in Millbrae. The father had visitation rights, but did not return the child, and KRON4 reported at the time that it appeared to be a case of parental abduction. She had remained missing since.

But KRON4 has much better news today. The toddler was found in Mexico on January 7, and has since been reunited with her family.

KPIX adds that little Andrea “was located and recovered with the aid of the FBI and Mexican authorities on Saturday.” And tipsters here in the Bay Area may have been helpful in the child’s recovery, because as the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office adds in a subsequent tweet to the one above, “Thank you to the public for your concern, your support, and for submitting tips in this case.”

The father, Victor Flores-Enriquez, was no longer a guardian as of last month, but he did have visitation rights three times a week. The visits, though, had to occur at a public place. The child was supposed to be returned to her grandmother on January 1, which did not happen, setting up the hunt by the local sheriff’s office, the FBI, and Mexican authorities.

It is unclear whether father Flores-Enriquez is in custody. KRON4 describes him as “a Hispanic male, 33 years old with brown hair and hazel eyes,” adding that “he was last seen wearing a blue tee shirt and blue jeans.” But the most urgent matter has been resolved, as three-year-old Andrea Flores has been reunited with her Bay Area family.

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Image: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office