Punk’s not dead, it just slithered onto an eastbound BART train Friday night for a live show called “Sh*tshow On BART” that more than lived up to its name before BART Police shut the shenanigans down.

Over the course of the last four days, the two most talked-about bands in the Bay Area are suddenly a couple of young punk-rock outfits called False Flag and Surprise Privilege. And they are suddenly the most talked-about bands in the Bay Area because, as KQED reports, the two bands played a live show on a jam-packed BART train Friday night, in a stunt that lasted 12 songs until BART Police shut them down.

How did they pull this off? “We just paid our BART fee and walked on,” Surprise Privilege bass player Cody, tells the Chronicle.

The scheme was planned in advance, and the flyer for these high jinks can be seen above. “so basically we’re gonna get on the BACK CAR of a BLUE LINE train around 7, ride it all the way, and play on the way back,” the flyer reads. “we’d love to fill up that car with only show goers so it’s harder to find us for public disturbance or something.”

The above Instagram post from Surprise Privilege has plenty of photos and videos from the show, which the Chronicle says was attended by “at least 300 fans.”

“we had a very interesting ride on BART last night,” the post says. “i’m still overwhelmed with shock and gratitude for everyone who showed interest and support. we won’t be doing this again but i’m glad it happened.”

@loserlees PUNK SHOW ON BART!¡ #fyp #fypシ #punk #bayarea #sanfrancisco #DIY ♬ original sound - Lees

But all good (and highly illegal) things must come to an end. After much slam-dancing on a BART train, and apparently some jumping onto a train roof, the gig was up. KQED reports that “Things went awry six stations in, when the train was stalled at Fruitvale due to an obstructed door. ‘And BART police got on,’ said [False Flag’s bassist] Pretty, ‘and were just like, ‘Are you serious right now?’"

Per KQED, “BART, which rejected a 2019 proposal to ban busking on its trains, did not respond to a request for comment.”

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Image: surpriseprivilege via Instagram