At the end of last year, Livermore police in the East Bay rescued approximately 50 Chihuahuas who were being kept in a dirty home without food and water, authorities said. Now, the Chihuahuas have been taken to a local animal shelter to receive necessary vaccinations, grooming, and some medical treatment, and they’re available for adoption, KRON4 reported.

Livermore Animal Services Officer Kathy Holmes said that the homeowner was hoarding the dogs and unable to care for them, according to the Livermore Vine. Apparently, several of the dogs were found in crates without food or water, and there were "filthy conditions" around the north Livermore home.

The dogs were taken out of the home and taken to the East County Animal Shelter in Dublin. All of the dogs survived and all now have clean bills of health. Reportedly, one poor chihuahua needed emergency medical attention but recovered, and has already been placed in a new home.

The rest are ready for new homes. So chihuahua lovers, give them a visit.

The dogs have been placed at the Oakland Animal Shelter, the Dublin SPCA, the Valley Humane Society, and the East County Animal Shelter.

The identity of the homeowner has not not been released, but apparently the case was referred to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office and is now under review, KRON4 reported.

Members of the public can also make a financial donation to the shelters caring for the dogs to support their recovery and more animals. Livermore Police Department directed people to contact the shelters directly to donate.

Image via Livermore Police Department