The SFMTA is continuing to clean up on Thursday after a night in which Muni routes were blocked by fallen trees and debris in at least eight different locations around San Francisco.

SFMTA and DPW crews had a busy overnight shift dealing with storm damage from Wednesday's atmospheric river, and the work — along with the rain — continues.

"While most of us were sleeping, City crews removed dozens of fallen trees. Now they're replacing overhead Muni and power lines," tweeted SFMTA chief Jeffrey Tumlin early Thursday. He added that the Muni Metro K and M lines continue to be replaced by bus shuttles as the cleanup continues.

The tree that fell at St. Francis Circle. Photo via SFMTA

Just before 5 p.m. on Wednesday, a downed tree near St. Francis Circle hit some overhead lines and disabled at least one Muni Metro train on the M or K line, a few blocks south of West Portal Station. That cleanup was ongoing overnight, as were other cleanup situations at 25th Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard, Fillmore and Sutter streets, and a half dozen other locations.

Around 10 a.m. on Thursday, the SFMTA said that crews were continuing to work on clearing tree debris and restore the electical lines at St. Francis Circle, and there was no estimated time for completion of that work.

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