After 57% of respondents in a Twitter poll on Sunday told Elon Musk he should step down as Chief Twit, he seems to be following through — though how quickly a new CEO could be in place is anyone's guess.

Musk was relatively quiet after taking the poll, and after photos emerged of the billionaire in a VIP box at the World Cup Final with Qatari billionaires and Jared Kushner. He did post a "careful what you wish for" tweet moments after the results started rolling in — but most of us heard him already says months ago that he didn't intend to run Twitter full time forever.

Now, as CNBC reports, Musk is said to be actively seeking a new CEO. But he cautioned on Sunday that it wouldn't be a simple process. "The question is not finding a CEO, the question is finding a CEO who can keep Twitter alive," he tweeted.

Musk has previously said that Twitter has been "in the fast lane to bankruptcy since May," and "No one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor."

But many critics would likely agree that Musk's Twitter has been in the fast lane to utter chaos and becoming advertiser kryptonite since he took over, fired or drove out key personnel including the company's Trust & Saftey lead, and dissolved the company's independent safety council.

Also, as is pretty typical, it seems like Musk's forethought might have been lacking with the Twitter poll business — these things being typically dumb and wholly unreliable because of how they can be manipulated by bots. Even though this is like the fifth or sixth poll Musk has posted before making a hugely significant change at Twitter — including the reinstatement of rabid right-wing racists and anti-semites who were previously given lifetime bans — he's now second-guessing whether this is such a great idea.

A Twitter Blue member named Unfiltered Boss, whose bio includes "Crypto enthusiast" and "Right Wing Latino," responded to Musk that he perhaps ought to limit future polls just to paid Twitter Blue members, because they have "skin in the game" — and Musk replied, "Good Point. Twitter will make that change." Because of course no one paying $8 a month would employ a bot!

Meanwhile, Tuesday morning, Musk is helping to promote Part 7 of "The Twitter Files," posted by SF conservative gadfly Michael Shellenberger, in which the breathless right-wing media who hated the old Twitter continue to breathlessly recount how Twitter employees censored the largely discredited Hunter Biden laptop story.

But her emails!

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Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images