The Twitter and Tesla CEO bizarrely joined standup comic Dave Chappelle on stage at the Chase Center Sunday night to a loud chorus of boos, yet the “free speech absolutist” Musk has removed the videos of this from Twitter.

Twitter’s new chief erratic officer Elon Musk spent his Sunday on a particularly wild QAnon bender, even for him; with Fauci conspiracy theories, accusing his departed executives of pedophilia, and arguing pandering to his new perceived fanbase with a pronoun joke about prosecuting Anthony Fauci. But that was just the warmup act on his transphobia tour, as the Chronicle reports Musk showed up on stage at the Dave Chappelle show at the Chase Center Sunday night. And as CNN explains, “It went about as well as you’d expect.”

An account that Twitter has since taken down (free speech, indeed) tweeted in the wee hours after Sunday’s show that “Dave chappelle brought up Elon musk up on stage at the chase center. Had to pry the yonder for this ahaha.” The “yonder” thing refers to Yondr, a smartphone-locking pouch that Chappelle insists his audiences use so they don’t record any of his act. But while that video has since been taken down from Twitter, several more versions have since been posted to Youtube.

“Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for the richest man in the world,” Chappelle said welcoming Musk on stage. And boy, did that crowd ever make some noise. But as seen above, much of that noise was booing. “Sounds like some of those people you fired,” Chappelle quipped.

As Musk froze in the headlights and the boos continued, Chapelle joked, “All you people booing, and I’m just pointing out the obvious — are in terrible seats.”

It was clear that Musk had prepared no material or speech, and he just stood there uncomfortably. “Dave, what should I say?” he asked uncomfortably.

“Don’t say nothing. It’ll only spoil the moment,” Chappelle responded. “Do you hear that sound, Elon? That’s the sound of pending civil unrest. I can’t wait to see what store you decimate next, motherfucker. You shut the fuck up.”

Yet there was at least one joke prepared for Musk to tell, with Musk shouting, “I’m rich, bitch!,” copping an old Chappelle bit.

And as KRON4 explains, and as is seen above, Chappelle “also asked Musk if he could help Black Star’s Talib Kweli, who Chappelle said had been banned from Twitter.”

Musk responded, “Twitter customer service here.”

Naturally, Musk is spending his morning arguing that people weren’t booing, and the Simpsons Mr. Burns jokes write themselves. And of course Twitter staff are spending their morning deleting any videos of Musk getting booed, so Musk’s ego seems to have taken a hit.

But the real loser here is the smartphone-locking service Yondr, as clearly, their technology failed pretty spectacularly at preventing people from taking video of this show, or keeping that video from spreading all over the internet.

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Screenshot: @paleofuture via Youtube