The San Francisco Police Department arrested a suspect for allegedly killing a female relative Friday in the Bayview neighborhood.

SFPD said in a tweet that the police were sent to the Bayview to investigate the stabbing of a 51-year-old female SF resident at 8 PM Friday night.

The victim was sent to a local hospital and later died, KRON4 reported.

SFPD said in a statement that officers arrested a 28-year-old male suspect who was related to the victim on suspicion of murder. The suspect has been identified as Than Zin. According to KRON4, SFPD found probable cause on the scene to arrest Zin for the stabbing.

The Chronicle reports that the police have not yet said whether they identified a motive for the homicide, and that the case is under investigation.

According to SFPD's latest reported homicide numbers as of December 4th, the total number of homicides in San Francisco is 51 for the year to date, and this would be the 52nd.

Image via Flickr/Nick Normal under Creative Commons.