It's de rigeur in these parts to get very haughty about mistakes that East Coasters make when they write about our fair city. We are, after all, a prettier and arguably more influential metropolis these days than New York, so it's the least the New York Times can do to get their facts straight.

Case in point: The crossword editors at the Times made an obvious error in cluing a "Mini" puzzle. The clue was "San Francisco's metro," and that is still how it's appearing in my Crossword app, but maybe it's because I haven't closed it since this a.m.

The answer: BART, not MUNI, which those of us who live here understand. Yes, BART was designed and looks a lot like the transit system in DC they call the Metro. But here it is more of a commuter rail, and the Muni Metro takes people around large swaths of San Francisco proper.

BART's Twitter account called out the error on Wednesday morning, and ultimately, as SFGate reports, the Times editors fixed their mistake.

Following that flurry of Twitter complaint, around noon PT on Wednesday, the clue was rewritten as "Transportation system that stops at SFO."

"We are always thrilled to make the NYT crossword (this isn’t the first time) but we did feel bad for Muni,” says BART comms gal Alicia Trost, in a comment to SFGate. "We are happy to see they tweaked the clue. It is a win-win because now it is correct and they are helping us promote BART’s airport service right before the holiday travel season."

Any crossworder worth their salt doesn't bother with these 40-second Mini puzzles, so you're excused if you didn't see this snafu today.

And yes, BART semi-regularly makes appearances in the crossword, given that it's its a four-letter with three common letters in it — but it's often clued as "Simpsons character who torments Mrs. Crabapple" or something to that effect.