The first games of the World Cup were shown Monday morning at a not-so-well-known outdoor venue — The Crossing at East Cut. And more games are going to be screened there at various times over the next few weeks, as well as at the city's official World Cup Village in Union Square.

We told you last year how the former temporary Transbay bus terminal site — i.e. the block bounded by Howard, Main, Folsom, and Beale streets — was being repurposed and reactivated for a couple of years as a community space. It's a development site, so it might only stay lively like this for another year or so — it's slated for an affordable development — but it has been playing host to outdoor movies, exercise classes, and a beer garden and food trucks on weekends.

Now, the non-profit Street Soccer USA partnered with the city and the San Jose Earthquakes soccer club to screen live World Cup matches in multiple venues, including The Crossing. It's not an every day, every match situation, but you can see the schedule here and reserve a free spot, since they seem to think some matches might fill to capacity.

Obviously, many games will be shown at all hours at sports bars throughout the city, for hardcore fans or those seeking a specific country's matches.

The next match airs on the big outdoor screen at Union Square on Friday, November 25 — it's Netherlands vs. Ecaudor at 8 a.m., followed by the U.S. vs. the UK at 11 a.m. More matches will be shown in Union Square on Saturday and Sunday as well, November 26 and 27. The next match shown at The Crossing will be Iran vs. the U.S. on Tuesday, November 29. See the full calendar here.

The quarterfinal matches will be shown in SF's Civic Center on December 9 and 10. The semifinals on December 13 and 14 will be back at The Crossing. And the finals will be shown on a screen along JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park on December 18.

"Join us for this unifying global event that celebrates the cultural diversity and vibrancy of San Francisco," says Street Soccer USA.

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Photo via WorldCupSF/Instagram