Those traveling on the 101 on Friday, November 11, around 3 p.m. got a front-row seat to a foot chase between San Francisco Police officers and three auto burglary suspects as they were chased down the middle of the freeway.

An eye-witness video first shown by KRON4 was published yesterday and shows several San Francisco police officers weaving through stalled traffic on the 101 as they pursued three alleged auto burglaries. In a statement given to SFGATE, SFPD officials said one suspect had a firearm, which he threw on the pavement during the chase.

SFPD officers were conducting a regular citywide auto burglary and robbery assessment that Friday when they started getting six different auto burglary-related calls about a specific vehicle. Then, at approximately 3:11 p.m., police officers spotted a car that matched its description near an area off Market and Octavia streets — following the car as it turned onto the southbound lanes on the 101.

That's when things began to get both strange and dangerous.

Per KRON4, the car suddenly stopped on the shoulder of the highway; all three suspects took off running in different directions.

Investigators noted that one suspect was allegedly armed with a gun which, as we mentioned before, was thrown on the ground. That weapon was eventually recovered and SFPD officers soon secured the vehicle — which they described as stolen.

Inside the stolen car, on-site police officers found more firearms, burglary tools, and personal property that were believed to be stolen during the auto burglary spree.

The foot chase ended in two adults and one juvenile suspect being arrested.

"We'd like to take the credit for it, but that was pretty much all SFPD," Mark Andrews, a CHP spokesperson, told SFGATE in response to the incident and arrests. "We showed up at the last moment and just helped corral them — SFPD handled the rest."

The two arrests included 22-year-old Jonathan Joseph Caruso of San Francisco, who was booked for possession of a loaded firearm, as well as on multiple charges related to the auto burglaries; 18-year-old Angel Herrera from Pacifica and a 17-year-old juvenile from Antioch were also apprehended; the juvenile was cited for charges related to the auto burglaries and released to his mother; SFPD has said that all three suspects were charged with resisting arrest.

All of these investigations remain active and ongoing, anyone with information is asked to contact San Francisco police.

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Photo: Getty Images/Sundry Photography