London Breed-appointed school board member Ann Hsu will be the only Breed appointee not reelected in last week’s election, as anti-recall candidate Alida Fisher has sealed the win with a more than 3,500-vote advantage.

The initial Tuesday night vote count in last week’s elections showed post-recall appointed school board member Ann Hsu ahead by nearly 7,000 votes for the third and final open seat (though with tens of thousands ballots yet to be counted). Hsu told the Chronicle, “For now let’s keep our fingers crossed and knock on some wood, but I think we know what the result is going to be.”

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She did not know what the result was going to be. You see the current vote results above, and with only a few thousand votes left to tabulate, the Chronicle has called the election for Alida Fisher,  a special education advocate, as the winner of that third and final seat.

And Ann Hsu has effectively conceded the election in the video above posted around 8:30 Thursday morning.  “While the results are not entirely what we wanted, I wish the newly elected board members the very best as they continue the good work that the current board began eight months ago when I joined,” Hsu says in the video.

Hsu’s eight-month tenure has mostly been notable for a racist comment on an election questionnaire, where she said Black and brown students came from "unstable family environments" and suffered from a "lack of parental encouragement to focus on learning" which drew calls for her resignation. And while Hsu raised vastly more campaign money than the other candidates, the remarks seem to chase off endorsements that otherwise did go to Breed’s appointed candidates.

The Chronicle assesses this race saying it “symbolized a citywide power struggle between progressives and the mayor’s moderate allies,” but in reality, this race drew far less money and media attention than did the February school board recall race.

Fisher drew some key endorsements from the Chronicle and the teacher’s unions. And there may have been a desire to see some degree of divided leadership on the board, rather than a straight-flush of Breed loyalists. But I would not be shocked if six months from now, which is the window for recalling an elected official, that venture capitalists and super PACs were lining up a “Recall Alida Fisher” movement to punish progressives on the SF Board of Education.

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