I’ve heard of losing your bowl, but this is ridiculous — Jerry Garcia’s favorite marijuana bowl was last seen in 1991, but it has been found and acquired by a relics collector.

It’s been a long strange trip for a certain marijuana pipe that is now in the news. It was Jerry Garcia’s personal pot pipe, made for him by the Grateful Dead’s legendary sound guy and acid-dealer-to-the-stars Owsley “Bear” Stanley. The pipe went missing in 1991, four years before Garcia’s death. But Rolling Stone reports that the pipe was found in the late pianist Merl Saunders’s home here in San Francisco, and that is has been acquired by an antiquities collector.

“I’ve bought party pipes from rock people before,” Steve Cabella, owner of San Anselmo antiquities shop The Modern i told Rolling Stone. “This is a different object. It’s sort of a holy grail in a lot of ways, because, obviously, when [Jerry] was smoking this pipe he was playing music at the time and that was where he was getting the spirit from — the creativity from.”

You can see a photo of Jerry Garcia’s pipe here. It does not appear to be all that remarkable But its backstory is, at least, if you’re a Grateful Dead fan.

“The pipe is a special thing. I was told by Merl Saunders’ son that [no one else smoked out of it],” Cabella added. “It was Jerry’s pipe. Only Jerry’s pipe. It was obviously used, but it never became a party pipe. That’s the only reason it still exists, because it was lost and nobody could find it. Everybody forgot about it.”

The bowl went missing in 1991, shortly after Garcia and Saunders worked together on recording the album ​​Blues from the Rainforest. Saunders's son found it after his father's death when cleaning out his deceased dad's house.

Cabella says he will refuse to sell the artifact. “I’m very much into exhibition preservation and education. So the next place that this resides can’t just be a pot museum. It’s more than that,” he told Rolling Stone. “I don’t want it to end up somewhere where somebody smokes out of it. That was Jerry’s job.”

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Image via Wikimedia Commons