District 11 Supervisor Ahsha Safai’s house suffered a break-in Thursday night, and some appliances were stolen from the supervisor who’s one of the most outspoken about property crime.  

You are probably not going to get a ton of media coverage if your house is broken into on the same night that an intruder broke into the Speaker of the House of Representatives house and attempted to murder the Speaker’s spouse. So it is for District 11 supervisor Ahsha Safai, who as seen below, had his home broken into and robbed seemingly Thursday night.

“My house got broken into - trying to finish renovation - stove, microwave and vent all stolen,” Safai tweeted at about 10:30 Friday morning, with a picture of the door on which they conducted their break-in. He then thanked the SFPD “for your quick response.”

Safai spoke to the Chronicle about the incident. “It’s just sad. It’s shocking that this type of crime is happening and continues to happen in San Francisco,” he told the Chron. “I’m just happy that no one was hurt.”

Safai and his family were not home at the time, as they are staying elsewhere as the home undergoes renovations.

“At the end of the day, this is what everyday San Franciscans are feeling,” Safai added. “It adds to a sense of things feeling out-of-control in San Francisco and the way brazen crime has continued to fester.”

Safai has been one of the more outspoken supervisors on property crime, having written the legislation that allows off-duty sheriff’s deputies to work as private security. In light of this incident, you can probably expect Safai to be even more outspoken.

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Image: @Ahsha_Safai via Twitter