Unfunny prankster Elon Musk is in town, making a show of symbolic moves that indicate that he really is going to acquire (and probably ruin) Twitter in the next few days.

Even by the most generous assessment, Elon Musk’s proposed $44 billion Twitter acquisition has been the most immature and all-over-the-place shitshow of any corporate acquisition that comes to memory. But after Musk tried to weasel out of the deal, it seems he’s moving forward — probably because a court is forcing him to. As TechCrunch points out, the Delaware Chancery Court is enforcing a Friday deadline to close the deal from which Musk has already tried to back out, and a scheduled trial was not looking like it would go well for Musk.

So like any billionaire inheritee man-child who has never faced a consequence in his life, Musk is pulling a Pee-Wee Herman “I meant to do that,” and making a big show of how we will indeed close on the acquisition he’d tried so hard to avoid going through with.

As seen above, Musk arrived at Twitter headquarters Wednesday with a porcelain sink, and tweeted the groan-inducing dad joke “Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!”

But the New York Times reports that serious moves are afoot to complete the deal. The Times says that Musk is “expected to attend a variety of meetings this week at the social media company, “ and that “He is also set to address Twitter employees on Friday.”

Screenshot: @elonmusk via Twitter

And as you see above, he has changed his Twitter bio to “Chief Twit,” and his location to “Twitter HQ.”

But as the AP reported last week, Musk — at some point — had “plans to cut nearly 75% of Twitter’s employee base of 7,500 workers, leaving the company with a skeleton crew.” The Times adds that “Employees who hope to remain at the company under Mr. Musk have also worried that their compensation might change.” In other words, pay cuts and the impact to their stock options, in addition to the nonstop childish lunacy that comes with working under Elon Musk.

“People are just exhausted,” one anonymous Twitter employee told Axios. “It can be conflicting because as a shareholder you’re happy but as an employee, there's a lot of uncertainty.” (Musk is paying a handsome $54.20 a share for the company, a gaudy price for a company that has rarely shown a profit)

Personally, I really like Twitter. Once upon a time I used to look at Facebook ten times a day, but Facebook sucks so much now that Zuckerberg has ignored it in favor of some dumb virtual reality thing that no one wants that I just check Facebook in the mornings to see the birthdays and that’s that. But Musk taking over Twitter has a real Yahoo-ruining-Tumblr feel to it, and I’m sad for what feels like the impending demise of a platform that I love.

But that's a First World problem to complain about. The real concern is the domestic and geopolitical catastrophes that may well happen under Musk’s erratic leadership of Twitter.

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Image: @elonmusk via Twitter