Well, this is crazy! The son and daughter-in-law of former SF Mayor Frank Jordan heard the sound of glass shattering in their bedroom Sunday night as they were putting their kids to bed. And it was apparently a stray bullet that had traveled a half-mile from a shooting near Jefferson Square Park.

SFist broke the news of the shooting Sunday, which happened on the one-block street called Larch Way, near Turk and Laguna, just off of Jefferson Square Park in the Western Addition.

A fast barrage of 15 or 20 bullets was heard in the neighborhood, likely shot by some type of automatic or semi-automatic weapon — and now we are learning that this might have been a pretty sizeable weapon with a very long range.

The Chronicle spoke to Sarah Jordan, who's married to the son of former Mayor Jordan, and whose Anza Vista home was struck by a stray bullet apparently from that same shooting. SFist noted via the Citizen app that there had been a 911 call from the area, which is a significant distance away, saying a stray bullet had come through a window at around 9:30, which was the same time as the shooting.

Police came to check it out, a half-mile from the shooting scene, and an SFPD officer reported said to Jordan, upon examining the bullet, "Wow, this was a big gun."

No arrests have yet been made in the case as of Tuesday, and the SFPD would not confirm to the Chronicle whether the stray bullet had been connected to the Jefferson Park area shooting — though the officer reportedly seemed to suggest that to Jordan.

Two men were reportedly injured in Sunday's shooting, one of them critically. No further update on his condition has been announced.

The suspect vehicle in which the suspects fled was reportedly a gray Honda CR-V, or a sedan — and police apparently even had a license plate number.

Damage was reported on multiple parked vehicles in the area of the shooting.

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Photo: Danilo Alvesd