SF Mayor London Breed had choice words for Elon Musk’s moving Tesla headquarters to Texas in a new Bloomberg interview, and even ribbed Marc Benioff a bit.

It was about three weeks ago that California Governor Gavin Newsom laid into Tesla CEO Elon Musk for moving Tesla’s headquarters to Texas, pointing out that Tesla took $3.2 billion in subsidies from the state of California. San Francisco Mayor London Breed just sat down for an interview with Bloomberg News about San Francisco's economic recovery, and she tore into Musk for the same reason.

The Bloomberg article does not say what question the interviewer posed to Breed about Elon Musk. But it does have her reply: “You mean the person who got a ton of tax breaks in California and decided to take that money and run?”

Breed also added that “My hope is that those who are critical would focus on trying to be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem.”

Surprisingly, Breed also gave a little guff to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, with whom she has always been publicly very friendly. But Salesforce’s flexible work-from-home policies is not to the liking of Breed’s desire to see back-to-the-office “pledges” from tech companies.

“He’s very supportive of the city, continues to contribute that support to schools and to other great causes, but the building is empty, and that’s a real problem,” Breed told Bloomberg. “Ultimately I can’t force or mandate, right? These companies are making the decisions that they believe that are in their best interests.”

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Images: (Left) City of San Francisco, (Right) Debbie Rowe via Wikimedia Commons