On Friday, one of two winning tickets for the CA Mega Millions lottery was sold at the 7-Eleven at 1413 Kooser Road in San Jose — leaving the two players to split the $494M Mega Millions jackpot evenly, each of them now entitled to a massive $247M prize.

Back in May, a San Francisco mother won $1M from the CA lottery when her cleared Scratchers game card revealed a winning combination. Now months later, another Bay Area local appears to have won it big.

In a series of tweets published by the CA Lottery Press, it was announced that "one lucky" CA Lottery player held a winning ticket to Friday’s Mega Millions drawing.

"One lucky #CALottery player hit every single number in last night’s big #MegaMillions draw," read a tweet from the state lottery. "The lucky ticket was sold in #SanJose at the 7-Eleven on Kooser Rd near Meridian Ave."

The winning numbers from Friday night's Mega Millions draw were, per the tweet, "9-22-26-41-44 and the Mega Millions number 19." Because there were two winning tickets, the nearly $500M prize will be split, each winner taking home $247M before any taxes are applied. Until the owner of the winning ticket comes forward to claim their prize, the CA Lottery won't know who the lucky player is.

According to NBC Bay Area, the 7-Eleven's owner also will get a hefty bonus for selling the jackpot ticket.

Feeling lucky? CA Lottery's current Powerball jackpot is $454M. Maybe it's worth taking the drive to buy a ticket from that San Jose 7-Eleven... as they seem to be on a streak of good fortune.

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Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan