The SF Democratic Socialists of America chapter is getting ratioed pretty hard on Twitter over an upcoming screening of a documentary that’s been described as a “dictator suckup” to Vladimir Putin.

In extremely online discourse, the term “ratio” is generally used to describe a tweet whose response generates volumes more angry replies and quote-tweets than it does friendly likes or retweets. For a textbook example of a ratio, we present the Tuesday tweet below from the San Francisco chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

As of press time, we have more than 500 overwhelmingly critical replies, nearly 300 overwhelmingly critical quote-tweets, and a mere 24 approving retweets and 180 or so likes on a DSA SF tweet announcing “Join us on 10/21, 7:30pm, at the DSA SF office (1916 McAllister) for a film screening of Oliver Stone’s ‘Ukraine on Fire.’” A subsequent tweet announces “There will also be pizza and beer!” The original tweet adds that the film “explains the conditions that led to the Russian invasion earlier this year.”

This low-budget documentary is not new. It was released in 2017 (direct to DVD). At the time, the Daily Beast described it as “Oliver Stone’s Latest Dictator Suckup.” It was not directed by Oliver Stone, but he narrates it, and was the film’s executive producer.

And the movie is available on Youtube, though honestly, I could not make it through 20 minutes of this awful film. But it was directed by the fellow whose tweet is seen below, so we can perhaps infer the politics of this documentary without a full watch.

And Ollie Stone has been on something of a pro-Putin kick in recent years. He did a series of Putin interviews for Showtime. And per Deadline, he said in February, shortly before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, that “The United States and its allies in NATO have been provoking Russia for, since two years now — actually three years – over the Ukraine” and that the media had “no proof that Russia intends to invade Ukraine; I doubt that they would.”

Stone came around, a bit, after Putin invaded, saying, "Although the United States has many wars of aggression on its conscience, it doesn’t justify Mr. Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. A dozen wrongs don’t make a right."

As for the SF screening, this is not a huge indictment of the Democratic Socialist movement, which counts among its elected members SF Supervisor Dean Preston, and in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib. One local chapter of the organization made perhaps a poor decision. Hey, I’m a registered Democrat, and my local party chapter does stupid shit all the time. There is an undergraduate student-senate quality to these mostly volunteer local political party chapters, that’s just how American politics are.

But there’s also an emerging Glenn Greenwald-Tucker Carlson nexus of hard-left and hard-right factions, which is curious. And that nexus may pick up a few new adherents at this movie screening, perhaps over pizza and beer.

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Image: Showtime