• A 41-year-old Oakland man, Kevin Mak, who stands accused of vehicular manslaughter in the March death of a homeless man during an argument about vandalism, has been released with an ankle monitor. The defense is arguing that the death of 66-year-old Chi Leung was an accident, even though Mak drove up on to a sidewalk in the incident. [East Bay Times]
  • Janitors are going on strike at Meta/Facebook today, in protest of what they say are unfair layoffs. In a press release, the janitors' union says that the company's janitorial contractor is "going out of their way to de-unionize the janitorial sector by pitting the disabled community against the immigrant and minority communities." [SFist]
  • There was another major delay on BART Tuesday morning due to an "equipment problem" in the Transbay Tube. [KPIX]
  • A hang-glider crashed — or had a "hard landing" — at Fort Funston on Monday but they are expected to be OK. [Chronicle]
  • American physicist John F. Clauser, 79, who spent nearly 30 years working in the Bay Area at Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, was one of three men who shared the Nobel Prize announced today for their work in quantum entanglement and quantum information science. [Associated Press]
  • The long-range forecast, while still full of variables, holds the possibility of big rain storms breaking through and soaking the West Coast this fall. [Chronicle]
  • Sheryl Sandberg just donated $3 million to the ACLU to support abortion rights cases. [Bloomberg]
  • San Francisco-based, retired singer Linda Ronstadt has a new cookbook out focused on where she grew up, the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. [New York Times]
  • Country music queen Loretta Lynn has died at the age of 90. [CNN]

Photo: Carl Newton