On Saturday, a tweet that contained a picture of an on-duty San Francisco firefighter wearing a "Let's Go Brandon" t-shirt began making rounds on Twitter — which has since prompted SFFD to take disciplinary actions against the City worker.

The "Let's Go Brandon" chant — a rallying call that gained cultural prominence when a reporter interviewing the Sparks 300 race winner Brandon Brown at Talladega Superspeedway incorrectly described the chant in the background as "Let's Go Brandon" — has grown into a politically subversive slogan. The meme-able phrasing is now commonly synonymous with "Fuck Joe Biden," though just a more family-friendly version of the profane sentiment.

Recently, a San Francisco firefighter was photographed wearing a t-shirt with the slogan splayed across the top on the back.

"[London Breed], [Rafael Mandelman,] [and San Francisco Fire Department,] is this the new official uniform of the SFFD?" reads a tweet from [at]docinsf, before adding the intersection where the firefighter was photographed — "Noe and 18th street just now."

Within an hour of the photo being posted on Twitter, SFFD responded to the photograph, saying that... Yes, this "is not the official uniform of the SFFD."

"This will be handled immediately," SFFD continued. "Thank you for bringing it to our attention."

In a statement published by CBS Bay Area from SFFD Public Information Officer Lt. Jonathan Baxter, the "Department of Human Relations process will be followed related to this incident." He later added that the firefighter — who has yet to be identified — should have been wearing "a uniform shirt or department-approved and issued t-shirt."

And, no: The "Let's Go Brandon" shirt the yet-identified firefighter was wearing was not one such article of clothing.

Per the news outlet, SFFD could not reveal any details regarding the disciplinary action the firefighter faced, though Baxter confirmed that the process was in motion.

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter via [at]docinsf